Led by the largest exchange in Uzbekistan



Sixth Industry

An industry that processes goods and

expands them into the service industry, such as

experience programs, using local resources.


Business Plan

AI Smart Farm, Building Energy Infrastructure
Establishment of Agricultural Education Technology

Center and Development of Smart Healing City.



Business Status
Sam Token

It is purchased by all governments by

growing and distributing tomatoes, cucumbers,

corn and other agricultural products.

It is used conveniently for trade distribution

as a means of evaluating the vision and present

value of a company in the long term.

Value Proposition

Sam Freen Agro House thought.

First, we must achieve a world where no one dies of hunger. Second, humans should live healthy as long as they live.

Efficiency has exploded to solve the first, and innovative functionality has been achieved to solve the second.

SAM's system, which operates on hgh-tech ICT (blockchain, smartphone, big data, cloud services

the Internet of Things, AI-Artificial Intelligence, etc.)is more secure and evolve over time.

Food, not money, will be provided directly to the hungry, those who eat contaminated water will be able to drink clean water,

those who die from hunger in Africa will be significantly reduced

and the life expectancy of all human beings living in good health will rise sharply.


Water Decomposition, Energy Technology

Big Data and Blockchain Technology

Artificial Intelligence, V.R Technology

Livestock Revolution

Research / Experiment

Composition of Livestock Industry

Domestic Market / Export

Healing City


Budget and Duration of the Chucheng

Healing Center Architecture

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